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    The issues of the acquisition and loss of Polish citizenship are regulated by the Law on Polish citizenship of 2 April, 2009 (Journal of Laws, 2012., pos. 161, with later amendments).


    The issues related to possession or loss of Polish citizenship are also regulated by the provisions of the previous laws.


    • Law on Polish citizenship of January 20, 1920
    • Law on Polish citizenship of 8 January 1951
    • Law on Polish citizenship of 15 February 1962




    1. (right of blood / ius sanguinis). By descent from parents, when at least one of the parents possesses Polish citizenship.


    A child acquires Polish citizenship, if at least one of the parents is a Polish citizen, irrespective of the place of birth – in Poland or abroad (art. 14 point 1 of the Law on Citizenship).


    2. (right of soil / ius soli), in case the child was born or was found on the territory of Poland.


    If the child is born or is found on Polish territory and both parents are unknown, or their citizenship is unknown, or they don’t have citizenship (Art. 14 point 2 and Art. 15 of the Law on Citizenship), the child acquires Polish citizenship.


    3. Full adoption


    A minor foreigner adopted by person(s) possessing Polish citizenship acquires Polish citizenship, if the full adoption had been completed before the child attained the age of 16. Hence, it is assumed that the child acquired Polish citizenship from the moment of his\her birth.


    4. By granting Polish citizenship:


    The President of the Republic of Poland can grant Polish citizenship to the foreigner.


    5. By restoring Polish citizenship:


    The decision for the restoration of Polish citizenship is given by the Minister of Interior Affairs.


    6. By recognition as a Polish citizen:


    The foreigner, living in Poland, submits a form for recognition as a Polish citizen. The decision for the recognition as a Polish citizen is issued by the relevant Voivode based on the residence address of the foreigner. Please be informed that the Consul does not accept the mentioned - above petitions.


    7.  Via repatriation to Poland

    This is a special way of acquiring Polish citizenship by persons of Polish origin, who obtained a visa for repatriation in line with the Law on Repatriation of November 9, 2000. (i.e., Journal of Laws from 2014. pos. 1392, with later amendments).

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