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  • The Gaude Polonia Scholarship Programme for Young Foreign Cultural Professionals


    Gaude Polonia is a scholarship programme for young artists from Central and East European

    countries to stay and work in Poland on a specific artistic project for a 6-month period. It is aimed

    at young artists under the age of 40 including: visual artists, writers, translators of Polish literature,

    musicians, filmmakers, art critics, literary critics, monument renovation specialists and museum

    staff from Eastern Europe.

    Scholarships are granted on a competition basis.

    Since 2003, Gaude Polonia has been organised by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National

    Heritage, its Department of Cultural Education and the National Centre for Culture (main operator).

    The main goals of the Gaude Polonia programme are to promote:

    young ambitious artists’ self development;

    regional exchange between countries of Central and Eastern Europe in the area of art;

    knowledge and experience which could be an inspiration for further creative activities; and

    understanding and good relations in the field of culture between Poland and its

    neighbouring countries.


    How it works

    During their 6-month stay in Poland, artists from neighbouring countries have an opportunity to

    learn more about Polish contemporary culture and to improve their skills under the direction of one

    of Poland's most famous cultural professionals. Young artists prepare their creative projects with the

    help of Polish artists and professors in one of the country's most important cultural or scientific

    centres, e.g. academies of art, museums, galleries, universities, etc.

    An open call for applications is announced through various mass media channels. Applicants may

    send their applications to the National Centre for Culture or apply through Polish diplomatic offices

    and consulates located in their country. Applicants must be under 40 years of age (in some cases

    exceptions are made up to 45 years old) and must have achieved a certain level of success in their

    field. Higher education and an elementary command of the Polish language (basic communication

    skills) are also required. Applications must be sent by 15th October each year and contain:

    a description of the artistic project to be undertaken during their stay in Poland (with a

    proposal of where they would like to carry out this project and a justification for their

    participation in the programme);

    a minimum of two recommendations from professors, cultural institutions, artistic

    associations or unions;

    a copy of their university diploma (with a certified Polish translation); and

    a copy of other diplomas, competition awards, festival participation, courses, exhibitions,

    etc. (with an attached Polish translation).

    Candidates are chosen through a 3-stage selection process. The first stage is an evaluation of

    whether they meet the formal conditions. The second stage is an evaluation of the projects proposed

    by the candidates. The last step is a final selection.

    6-month scholarships are granted every year for a period beginning on the 31st July. Artists receive

    2 000 PLN (about 600 EUR) per month + accomodation. The recipients are obligated to cover their

    own travelling expenses and health and accident insurance expenses.



    The Gaude Polonia is cyclic and one of the biggest mobility programme in Poland which aims to

    develop the artistic talents of young people from neighbouring countries. For many of them,

    spending six months in a different country, under the direction of well known/successful cultural

    professionals, is an experience which could shape their individual artistic work.

    The main significance of the programme is that the field of culture and art becomes a platform that

    provides an opportunity for establishing good relations between Poland and its neighbouring

    countries. Gaude Polonia's philosophy is to communicate, to teach, and to understand each

    nation/country through its art and artists.

    Feedback is on the programme is gathered from both the participating artists and his/her mentor;

    this information is not publicly available.


    National Centre for Culture:

    Application forms:,pl,gaudepolonia.html

    National Centre for Culture in Warsaw, tel. +48 22 21 00 121

    E-mail: .


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