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  • POLISH AID 2012

    • Extension of the irrigation system in the Norashen village

    Aragatsotn Province. Construction of about 400 meter water pipeline which supplies water to the inhabitants for irrigation of fields and gardens. Owing to the project over 30 farmers, residing on the northern slopes of Aragats village Norashen, could allow cultivating tens of hectares of land which has been lying fallow before. >>>MORE



    • Purchase of a tractor for the Paravakar village

    Taush Province. Purchase of a tractor with necessary instrumentation, like plough, mower etc., for the village. The owner of the tractor, produced in a factory in Vanadzor, is the village administrator’s office in Shamshadin, village Paravakar right at the border of Azerbaijan. Every resident of the village may use the equipment. It is only required to queue and purchase the petrol at the own expense of a villager. The tractor driver is paid by the village administration. >>>MORE



    • Continuation of school refurbishment in the Harjis village

    Syunik Province. The project was the continuation of recent years support from the embassy for village Harjis. In 2010 a milk freezer was purchased, the refurbishment of a school in Harjis was launched a year later and continued in 2012. Within the frame of the project two floors of the school were extensively repaired (11 classrooms, teachers’ office and corridors), as well as furnished with desks, chairs and blackboards. It is also worth mentioning that the repair works were done by local construction workers. >>>MORE



    • Tatev-Harjis tourist trail

    Syunik  Province. The aim of the project was to attract the crowds of tourists visiting Tatev monastery to totally unknown village Harjis situated at spectacular Vorotan River Gorge. The habitants of the village with the help of the embassy designated and sign posted over 13 km hiking tourist trail from Tatev to Harjis. It runs through Vorotan Gorge, ruins of Old Harjis and stone bridge dating back to XIIIth century. The trail enables to enjoy the virgin nature and admire breath-taking views of Syunik. Within the frame of the project there was also elaborated and published information leaflet which will be distributed among tourists visiting Armenia. Popularisation of the trail and hiking tourism may create the opportunity of additional source of living for the residents of Harjis in future to boost development of the village. >>>MORE



    • Extension of the irrigation system in the Arjut village

    Lori Province. The project was the continuation of support for the community of village Arjut launched in 2010. A drinking water pipeline for households was constructed. This year the irrigation system of Arjut was built under the field and farm land on the lower part of the village. Because of water deficiency the local land was lying fallow.  



    • Support for the dendrologic park in Gyulagarak

    Lori Province. The aim of the project was to help a unique in its extent arboretum 'Sochut' in Armenia, the founder of which was Edmund Leonowicz – a  person of Polish descent, who drew attention of Armenian society to the problems that required struggling. Within the frame of the project a new park fence was erected, necessary gardening equipment was purchased, like grass mower, motor saw etc., as well as information board was installed.

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